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FULISHI Lubricating 100g

Personal Lubricant



personal lubricant



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Personal Lubricant, sex lubricant oil
This product synthesizes adoption of place method. Used many kind of therapy to restore virility , strong semen, urge make love . Through the science method refined. As soon as wipe to use can rather penis erection, strong, long hand over, extension sexual desire. It has the strange effect.
This absolute oil adoption Germany import of original package , and have to no side-effect to human body ,and have not results to shoe habit , after have no the dependence , sexual can’t feel bad because of excessiveness, can quickly by oneself repair, prevent to cross the infection, and is a sex living the diapason’s good product.
[Main ingredient] perfume tree, India sunflower, sandalwood and various herbaceous extraction essences.
[Used] use before sexual, use warm water wash the pudendum, then, use the product again to back and forth wipe in the penis and coronal to wet .After ten minutes can have sexual.(Each time one)
[Product function] The extension sexual time, after sexual can quickly repair by oneself. prevente crossed infection.
[Note] 1. This product is to outside used, placement away from light and heat and make sure the children can’t take.
2. Don not used it if the pudendum is break, and can’t swallow; don’t come in contact the eye
[Duration] 3 years

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