Monday, September 17, 2012

Introduce the principle of hemodialysis

Bicarbonate hemodialysis , the clinical meaning of some of the blood through a semi-permeable membrane to remove waste. Hemodialysis is a relatively safe, easy, widely used blood purification methods. Dialysis is the solute through semi-permeable membrane from high concentration to low concentration solution, the direction of movement. Hemodialysis, including the movement of solute and water movement, or blood and dialysate in the dialyzer (artificial kidney) by semi-permeable membrane in contact with the exchange of material and concentration gradients, the blood of metabolic wastes and excess electrolytes to the dialysate mobile, dialysate calcium, base, etc. to move the blood.

Features Stretch Bandage: it easy to use, elegant, suitable pressure, permeability, and should not be infected, help speed wound healing, dressing quickly, no allergies and does not affect the patient's daily life. Elastic bandage category: self-adhesive elastic bandage, high elasticity bandage, spandex elastic bandage, 100% cotton elastic bandage, PBT elastic bandage, full cotton gauze bandage while, PBT bandage with suction mat, plaster bandage, and other bandages, the annual production bandage.

Elastic bandage related entries: skate. Frisbee. Outdoor shoes. Protective gear. Sneakers.If the mixture of albumin and urea into the dialyzer, the tube soaked in water, then the urea dialysis tube will move through the artificial kidney membrane pore water outside the tube, the larger albumin molecule can not pass through the membrane the hole. Such small molecules and macromolecules can not pass through the semipermeable membrane material movement is called diffusion. Clinical use of diffusion phenomena separation and purification of blood so that the purpose of the method is to purify the blood through the basic principles.Surgical lights in bright light at the same time, avoid the heat, shadowless lamp can be filtered by the new 99.5% of the infrared components of filtration to ensure that patients reach the area just cold.

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