Friday, September 21, 2012

The application hyaluronic acid in plastic surgery

Appearance is transparent hyaluronic acid, a viscous gel material, hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide polymer, is a grape acid-N-acetic acid molecule of glucosamine disaccharide units composed of straight-chain polymer polysaccharide, the average molecular weight-mediated at 100000-10000000 between Dalton, already in the body's skin tissue, cells and collagen fibers fill in the space.

T-shaped Labret in order to reduce gums corrosion of nails is designed. Last bar should be placed in the gap below the appropriate position of dental floss, needle can not wear too high.Because the inside of the lips with a layer of mucus produced naturally in the film, so if pierced hole empty so it will close up again, even after healing of the puncture is no exception. Upper lip lips wear nail may lead to degradation of the internal lip, usually the right location is in the circle below the surface.

Tattoo needle with a difference, really good work on the main differences in the material on the same, outside some compare solder interface can clearly distinguish the production process for a tattoo. Good work to do needle neat fork out even more delicate color of the tattoo.To put it plainly; the skin 'hit' skin lesions had become scars on. But it will not come out as fine lines with paint. If you can! Recommend trying to 'tear the skin' scar effect is very good!

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